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    Electric power grounding grid is used for the operation, lightning prevention, protection and anti-static grounding to ensure the personal security, equipment, power system safety. In recent years, with the increasing power capacity and voltage level, serious power operation accidents caused by the corrosion of electric power grounding grid occurs continuously. To deal with the corrosion of electric power grounding grid, power design department took many measures such as enlarging the cross-section of grounding body, employing copper or other anti-corrosion metal, galvanizing, etc. All the above measures increase the investment or the contact resistance of the grounding body, so the effect is not ideal. Carbon nano conductive anti-corrosion coating for electric power grounding grid is featured by the low resistivity and the anti-corrosion of acid, alkali, salt. Also the construction method is simple and cost is very low. So painting the conductive anti-corrosion coating is the best way to solve the corrosion of electric power grounding grid.

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